Shila restaurant is a home for people who love to dine and have fun; Chef Sharon Cohen manages his kitchen with laughter and humor behind the flames, seasoning the dishes with grace and serving with love.

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Norman Tel Aviv is proud to be a home to the global Dinings restaurant; the dishes are a unique combination of traditional Japanese dishes and modern European cuisine. The dishes are displayed with incomparable talent, together with an unconventional atmosphere in which the clients may sit and enjoy watching the open kitchen.

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George & John

George & John by Head Chef Tomer Tal was voted the Best Restaurant in Israel, and in the top 6 best restaurant in the Middle East & North Africa’s 50 best restaurants 2023 awards.

Beginning 2023, the restaurant is a member of the prestigious international organization Relais & Chateaux.

In the organization, founded in 1954, there are 580 members, all hotels and restaurants, our of which 340 members, spread over five continents, were awarded a michlin star.

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OCD restaurant serves a creative tasting menu, including 9 dishes, simultaneously served to the overall 19 diners. The seating around the bar in front of the open kitchen allows the guests to watch everything done in the kitchen by the team. The tasting menu, refreshed from time to time, is inspired by Chef Raz Rahav and affected by the culture, raw materials, the history, and the local Chutzpa, while considering the availability of the raw materials and the seasons as well as influences from the world and memories.

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Montefiore Hotel restaurant

Montefiore Hotel restaurant, part of the R2M Group, is a mandatory culinary experience for tourists and well as for the local Tel Aviv residents. It is a French restaurant seasoned with a Vietnamese scent; a pleasurable culinary identity/experience, based on products and local ingredients carefully selected by the Hotel Montefiore kitchen.

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a redefines simple 


At a, Chef Yuval Ben

Neriah realizes his vision

to combine elements

primal and advanced,

Primal and prime

ancient and modern,

earthy and refined.

To experience his

culinary ideals and

explore the possibilities. 

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Under the direction of Chef Yossi Shitrit, HIBA sprang up in the heart of Israel’s culinary hub. HIBA is a tribute to the abundance of flavours, aromas and textures of the deeprooted, Arab-Israeli cuisine. A place that honours the land and Middle Eastern nature. Local tradition, history and culture are the platform, background, and starting points for Chef Yossi Shitrit, onto which he pours his fresh, contemporary, up-to-date interpretation of the local culinary world.

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